Miles Jackson Lucius Gulo
White Council Stand in Werewolverine scholar
I'm Batman Valuable pelt
Loner bookworm Conflicting teachings
Chip on your shoulder I hunt alone
Overinflated sense of duty Need to fit in
Right place at the right time That's what friends are for
Grab your torch and pitchfork I'm a little stinker
Bran Stewart Issac Wilde
Robinhood Collector to a higher power
The rich have endless pockets Debt to pay
The rich get richer the poor get poorer Back in my day….(Tom Bonham)
It's a hard knock life for us Desperately seeking Catherine
I bump that which goes bump in the night Kleptomania for fun and profit
Part of the "Family" Through the looking glass
When the odds are against you…run Semi-charmed life
Vorn Ritter Tyler Jordan
Technoseancemancer Mondern day ronin
Supernatural lodestone Always Gaijin
Natural born conversationalist Seeing Red
Repay each favor in kind Do or do not, there is no try I
I won't back down

No Place to call home

Lucky for you
For the greater good