Isaak Wild

Isaak Wild as played by Eric

Template: Emissary of power

High Concept: Collector to a higher power

Trouble: Debt to pay

Other Aspects:

Back in my day. . .

Desperately seeking Catherine

Kleptomania for fun and profit

Through the looking glass

Semi-charmed life


Superb (+5):
Great (+4):
Good (+3): Alertness, Burglary, Deceit, Endurance
Fair (+2): Conviction, Empathy, Investigation, Presence,
Average (+1): Contacts, Discipline, Rapport, Resources, Weapons

Skill Points 25/25

7 Base Refresh

Stunts and Powers:

-1 Marked by power

0 Wizard's Constiution

-1 Psychometry

-1 Alertness: Paranoid? Probably: +2 to alterness when rolling against surprise

-1 Deceit: pick-pocket: may use deceit skill to perform pick-pocketing with no increase

-1 Investigation: quick eye: first investigation determine deeper details a scene is two time increments faster than usual.

-1 Burglary: cat-burglar: used burglary instead of stealth for hiding and skulking.

Adjusted Refresh: 1

Current Fate Points: 1

Current Consequences: None

The story so far:

Isaak was born in Hessen, Germany in 1931. educated at University of Marburg. moved to Grand rapids with family in 1956. Discovered mom and dad are over 80 years old but only look like they are early 40's. Catherine Vanrad was my first true love, in 1986. she disappeared never to be seen again. last seen on shoreline of grand river. wind up on the streets. turn to pick pocketing. Picking the wrong pocket i get caught. for attempting to steal from han gottinger. I now have to work for him until my debt is paid or he will go to the police. while revisiting the grand river for where Catherine disappeared. Catherine appears out of water. she asks me to come to her into the water. Vorn steps in and actually has the selkie stop from pulling me under the water to my death.

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